At Lil Bella's Pizza we start your pizza with hand made dough, made FRESH daily.

Next, we top your pizza with the BEST SAUCE you can find. Our pizza sauce is a quality sauce that is much heavier in body and flavor than other pizzerias.

We use only the FRESHEST vegetables and meats to top your pizza. You will taste the difference!

We use 100% real wisconsin mozzarella cheese, one of the best cheeses you can find. It is also one of the most expensive cheeses you can buy, but YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Finally, your pizza will slow cook in our DECK OVEN to let all the flavors and seasonongs mix.

If you want a quick cooked flavorless pizza, you might not want to call us. But if you want a pizza with big taste at reasonable prices, GIVE US A CALL!  (815)-220-1410

Our Address: 814 1st St. La Salle, Il 61301

Catering Available

Buffalo Wings
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